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Zebra Technologies Helps to Boost Winc’s Ecommerce Business

Zebra Technologies Helps to Boost Winc’s Ecommerce Business

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Zebra Technologies Corporation announced on February 12, 2018 that Winc Australia has made Zebra’s TC55 touch mobile computers available across Australia. Currently one of Australia’s business solutions providers, Winc provides free and fast delivery within the country. They shipped a million items and manage an estimation of 200,000 deliveries per month.

The touch mobile computers are powered by Android. Zebra Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner BluJay Solutions contributed to Winc’s migration from a Windows-based fleet to the Android platform. Winc’s existing system was upgraded to Zebra’s TC55 to improve customer experience and boost the driver productivity. This leads to a dependable operation. The TC55 makes sure that any damages and inactivity of industrial environments are minimized at the same time increasing the profitability and productivity.

To help save the number of hours of manpower, the Android devices are built with functions that are easy to use. This means that delivery drivers only need to have a sufficient amount of training to be able to use them. Delivery drivers could further benefit from this device as driver navigation via Google Maps application are upgraded to be more efficient while maintaining its familiarity.

Casual or part-time employees are also able to join into Winc’s system easily with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities that Winc now utilizes. Applications and operating system updates can be done to all employees logged onto the system.

Winc Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Birt states that choosing Zebra Technologies could help in offering the solution that Winc were looking for. Winc wanted to improve scanning for their customers and drivers, and Zebra Technologies provides better hardware stability for them. Adding on to the flexible operation, the software is continuously updated regardless of what devices the drivers use.

Regional Director of Australia/ New Zealand Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, Tom Christodoulou was pleased with the outcome. He mentioned that the company is happy in providing Winc with the best enterprise mobility solution.

By the end of this year, Winc Australia plans to grow the usage variation for TC55 beyond delivery.