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ZALORA Partners with FarEye to Enhance the Customer Shopping Experience

ZALORA Partners with FarEye to Enhance the Customer Shopping Experience


ZALORA is partnering with FarEye to improve its logistics operations and help ZALORA achieve cost-effective deliveries.

By using the FarEye tool, ZALORA was able to automate logistics processes and refine the delivery operations with complete visibility. FarEye ensures that once parcels are scanned, job orders get created automatically and are sent to delivery executives through an easy-to-use mobile application. It is seamlessly integrated with ZALORA’s in-house warehouse technology infrastructure and digitized delivery processes including generating run-sheets, and allocating tasks for operations team members, ensuring seamless transportation of products from warehouses and distribution centres to end customers.

This enables ZALORA customers to get real-time updates on delivery status along with the details of the courier, allowing personalization of deliveries, leading to an improved overall Delivery Happiness Score and a much reduced Customer Anxiety Index.

FarEye is also enabling Zalora to enhance hub-to-hub logistics operations to ensure ZALORA Marketplace sellers can receive returned products without any hassle. It also helps create a customer-friendly delivery journey, for example to guarantee that in cases of failure during the first delivery attempt, an approval process is immediately set-up before the second delivery attempt is triggered. FarEye created intelligent processes, helping ZALORA improve cash reconciliation, reduce dependency on paperwork and shrink their carbon footprint.