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Yusen Logistics advances transformation vision

Yusen Logistics advances transformation vision


Yusen Logistics Singapore marked two significant milestones in Tuas – a groundbreaking ceremony for its first future-ready warehouse and the commissioning of Swisslog Autostore, an automated ultra-high-density storage and robotic order-picking technology.

Breaking ground to superstruct a new warehouse on existing site and launching the Swisslog Autostore that is newly installed within its current Tuas warehouse, Yusen Logistics is advancing existing operation productivity by:

• Optimising storage volume for a 1,260 square metres floor area, in existing building, from 2,000 cubic metres to 3,500 cubic metres;
• Increasing throughput for receiving, sorting and put-away by 18 times;
• Upskilling 60 per cent of manual labour by transforming manual tasks to digital skills;
• Increasing high volume and high mix order fulfilment rate by 200 per cent; and
• Creating new data analytical jobs