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UD Trucks unveils their newest Quon – but is it the game-changer it’s made out to be?

UD Trucks unveils their newest Quon – but is it the game-changer it’s made out to be?


At a launch event held yesterday (May 24), UD Trucks introduced the newest addition to their heavy-duty truck lineup – the ‘Quon’.

Although this is not the first time the model has been launched in Singapore, this version is said to be “game-changing”, and according to Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, senior vice president of UD Trucks international sales, “the only similarity (between the new Quon and its predecessors) is the name”.

Touted as a “next-generation truck”, the Quon reportedly uses innovations in smart logistics to boost business productivity and profitability, enhance road safety and support Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions.

Here are three improvements to the truck that supposedly makes it superior to Quons of the past.

Enhanced safety features

What makes the new Quon an improvement over older UD Truck models is the incorporation of smart technologies that augment existing safety features.

Reducing the chances of accidents caused by drivers’ fatigue, examples of these features include the Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Advanced Emergency Braking System for improved detection of vehicles ahead and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which triggers an alarm when the driver unintentionally leaves the lane.

Lowers cost-per-trip

With high tensile steel plates in the main frame reducing the vehicle weight, the new Quon is able to carry heavier loads per trip, increasing the payload and lowering costs for each trip.

The 11-litre GH11 engine

Additionally, the truck is fitted with a new fuel injection system in the 11-litre GH11 engine which exceeds Japan’s Heavy Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards by 5% and an ESCOT-VI 12-speed automated manual transmission that suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency and increases fuel economy.

Increased uptime

With an alert monitoring system in place at the UD Trucks workshop, new Quon owners enjoy preventive maintenance which can be planned swiftly, reducing downtime of their trucks. 

The Quon’s Disc Brakes

Additionally, the new Quon’s disc brakes do not require expanders, reducing the number of parts that need to be regularly serviced.

This will allow vehicles to stay on the road which minimises non-revenue generating time.

Easier and smoother journeys for drivers 

To ensure maximum comfort for the drivers, the cockpit has been ergonomically revamped for better operability and visibility to offer an easy and comfortable driving experience.

The new ESCOT-VI electronically controlled automatic transmission adopts a simple, easy-to-use straight shift pattern, reinforcing the Quon’s operability while also enhancing performance in harsh weather conditions.
Disc brakes provide quick and smooth pedal response and reliable braking on long descents, promoting braking comfort which aims to reduce driver fatigue.

Engineered with Volvo Group technology

Integrating Volvo Group’s latest technologies and UD Trucks’ Japanese craftsmanship, the new Quon aims to provide a Japanese heavy-duty truck with the operational armoury and technical smarts to compete with European models of similar output.

“The inclusion of a fully functioning safety suite is likely to make this truck particularly attractive to fleet buyers who do not need a top-end prime mover but do have a duty of care, corporately. More and more, safety systems are likely to become standard across just about all heavy-duty trucks on the Australian market.” – Australian Diesel News

Improving drivers’ on-road behaviour with real-time telematics

Connected to a designated UD Trucks’ telematics workshop, the truck and its driver’s behavior is remotely monitored real-time to anticipate breakdowns.

The workshop also provides customers monthly analysis reports upon requests to improve drivers’ behaviour and fuel economy.

Such form of telematics data serves as part of advance preparation prior to services and on-site repairs especially for mechanics to get the vehicles quickly back on the road

Despite being labelled as “game-changing”, it seems like the new Quon is an upgrade of older models rather than the revolutionary it is made out to be.

Rather than choosing to offer completely new features, it seems UD Trucks leveraged on strengths of past Quons and focused on them by improving driver safety and increasing fuel efficiency.

Additionally, existing features seem to have gone through an update with the incorporation of smart technologies into the hardware.

Whether this heralds the future of smart logistics remains to be seen but it definitely is a start. 

This article has been edited for clarifications (June 8).