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Toll Group Introduces the Next-Generation eCommerce Distribution Centre

Toll Group Introduces the Next-Generation eCommerce Distribution Centre


On 2 February 2018, Toll Group officially launched a new distribution centre in Western Sydney. This next-generation distribution centre aims to help retailers deliver to their customers more efficiently and at a faster rate.

The Hon. Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight; Chairman of Toll Group, John Mullen; and General Manager Logistics of Specialty Fashion Group, Alex Linton, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the launch.

The facility; a product of the collaboration between Toll Group and apparel retailer Specialty Fashion Group (SFG), is a solution that would meet retailers and consumers’ needs. Both Toll Group and SFG worked closely together from the design to the development stages.

According to Toll Global Logistics President, Chris Pearce, the multi-user facility will solve the demands of today’s market and their productivity will improve fivefold. Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey expressed her excitement with the opening of the centre. She mentioned that the facility will not only provide better service to Australian and international consumers but also determination, vision, and an appetite for change to progress in a competitive global market.

More jobs will be made available for technicians, operation workers, and engineers; increasing the economy and employment rate of Western Sydney.