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SingPost unveils SmartPost initiative

SingPost unveils SmartPost initiative


Singapore Post (SingPost) has announced SmartPost, a transformational initiative that will be at the leading edge in harnessing wireless and digital technologies to raise postal service quality and improve operational efficiency.

SmartPost is an integrated suite of solutions that has been developed to enhance service levels and customer satisfaction. Amalgamating near-field communication (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID), digital imaging and electronic notifications, SmartPost will equip SingPost’s postal staff with new skills and tools to elevate their operational capability and efficiency across the entire postal operation: from collection to sorting, last mile delivery and quality assurance.

Mr Paul Coutts, SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “I have joined SingPost for just over a week and from what I have seen in those few days, SingPost is a very innovative company. SmartPost is one of many innovations SingPost is using to exploit and leverage the proliferation of digital technology, this time to address traditional postal challenges and take a disruptive step forward to meet evolving expectations for faster and more flexible deliveries, especially for eCommerce.