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SingPost strengthens collaboration with Alibaba in e-commerce logistics

SingPost strengthens collaboration with Alibaba in e-commerce logistics


Singapore Post Limited’s (SingPost) e-commerce logistics collaboration with Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Alibaba) was strengthened today as Alibaba’s S$86.2m investment in SingPost’s logistics subsidiary Quantium Solutions International (QSI) was completed, and regulatory approval for Alibaba’s second investment in SingPost was obtained.

SingPost has completed the joint venture with Alibaba in which Alibaba has invested S$86.2m for new QSI shares making up 34 per cent of QSI, with SingPost owning the remaining 66 per cent.

First announced on 8 July 2015, the joint venture is the culmination of deepening business ties between SingPost and Alibaba. Beginning as a customer of SingPost, Alibaba became a SingPost shareholder in 2014, and today, SingPost is a strategic logistics partner for Alibaba. QSI, the joint venture between SingPost and Alibaba, will be a common platform to grow and enhance e-commerce logistics capabilities in Southeast Asia and Oceania, to better serve the region’s rapidly growing online retail markets. The collaboration will focus on strengthening QSI’s end-to-end e-commerce logistics network, building scale for future profitability. QSI currently operates in 11 markets, providing a full suite of end-to-end e-commerce solutions that includes warehousing, fulfilment, and last mile delivery.