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SATS enters Saudi Arabian cargo market

SATS enters Saudi Arabian cargo market


SATS Ltd. (SATS), one of Asia’s leading providers of Food Solutions and Gateway Services, has announced it becomes the first international cargo handler to win the tender for a cargo handling licence to operate in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.  The tender is awarded subject to terms and conditions being agreed by both parties.

This award marks the first step taken by GACA to introduce a second player into the cargo handling market at KFIA and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Granted to its subsidiary SATS Saudi Arabia, the cargo handling concession is valid for 22.5 years.

Saudi Arabia is a key aviation hub in the Middle East and is the second largest in terms of cargo throughput among the Gulf Cooperation Council member states. GACA, KFIA and SATS have formed a strategic tripartite partnership with the aim of elevating service standards and introducing new service offerings at Dammam to position KFIA as a key air cargo hub in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.