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Lazada Group sets new record in first 24 hours of the online revolution

Lazada Group sets new record in first 24 hours of the online revolution


Lazada Group has set a new record on the first day of its highly-anticipated shopping event. On 11 November, shoppers ordered 2 million items within 24 hours of the Lazada 2016 Online Revolution, reaping a total of US$39m in savings.

“Considering Online Revolution is a month-long event, generating 2 million items on our first day is very encouraging,” said Maximilian Bittner, CEO for Lazada Group. “We created Online Revolution in 2012 to encourage more consumers to experience the benefits of shopping online. Every year we see a larger pool of online shoppers, with growing diversity across generations and geographical locations. This was confirmed this year, as we saw consumers ordering from places as far as Papua Barat in Indonesia, Huyện Nậm Nhùn in North Vietnam or Kudat in Sabah, Malaysia to purchase international and local brands not previously available to them.”

Consumers didn’t want to miss out on the start of the highly anticipated and largest shopping event in Southeast Asia. In the week leading up to 11.11, there were close to 1.9 million app downloads and shoppers spent almost 10 minutes browsing through offers on the first day. In just 24 hours, consumers in Southeast Asia bought close to 74,000 smartphones and tablets as well as 1,944,000 diapers.