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JD Opens A Global Supply Chain Innovation Center

JD Opens A Global Supply Chain Innovation Center


To promote the development of next-generation smart supply chain technologies, JD has opened a Global Supply Chain Innovation Center (GSIC). The GSIC is the international hub for all smart supply chain research and innovation. It is the platform for global industry experts, universities, companies, and other institutions to share resources, insights, technologies, and expertise, as well as work together on research projects.

Head of’s Y business unit, Yu Yongli, stated that by sharing their resources with experts from all over the world, it will allow GSIC to build the next generation of smart supply chain infrastructure. With the cutting-edge technologies developed by, it will strengthen both the company and other global companies.

U.S. National Academy of Engineering member and the Thoma Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Hau L. Lee, is the chairman that will lead the GSIC. Other expert committee members that serve as mentors and advisors will also supervise the GSIC.

The GSIC will run across six international regions such as China, Germany, Silicon Valley and Chicago in the U.S., Australia, and the Netherlands. JD also introduced its inaugural operations research algorithm competition. The competition that aims to gather global supply chain experts to encourage supply chain innovation will be launched later this year.