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Happy New Year – A Message from the Founder

Happy New Year – A Message from the Founder


Happy New Year.

I think it’s only appropriate that we return to the roots of Supply Chain Asia by reaching out to our community members personally.

Supply Chain Asia was founded 13 years ago as a fellowship and networking platform to bring professionals together. Since then, we have grown in size while, at the same time, lost some of the personal touch. As we begin 2018, our intention remains clear and focused; we still believe in the need to bring the community together to network, share and learn from each other.

We have made some changes to our operating structure and we intend to continue with our regular activities, as well as launch and host various industry initiatives in 2018. Here are some updates for your reference:

Organisation structure

Our current Board of Advisors has been reappointed as the Emeritus Council of Advisors (ECA). While we will continue to seek the counsel and advice from the Council of Advisors, we intend to form specific Executive Committees who will be tasked to oversee and give directions to events, activities and major initiatives for the community. Some of these EXCOs include:

  • Awards Committee
  • Forum Committee
  • Committee of Endorsers
  • Procurement Council
  • Shippers Council

If you are keen to play an active role and join one of these EXCOs, do reach out to me.


Due to the high financial commitment, we have also cut our magazine publication to 4 issues this year. At the same time, we have made a decision to only distribute the physical magazines to our corporate and professional members. Our digital copy will remain free to download for those who are not able to receive the print issue.

Professional Development Programmes

We will conceptualise, design and launch various new programmess this year targeting at knowledge and skills enhancement relating to new technologies, such as robotics and IoT, as well as leadership skills for young professionals, mid-level executives and senior executives. A new Supply Chain Leadership Development Institute will be launched later this year as well. If you are keen to learn more as a participant or even as a facilitator, do reach out to us or visit our website for more details.

Events and Activities

We will continue to run our regular events in 2018, as well as increase the number of networking activities. You may want to take note on some of the dates below. Registration details will be updated on our website and through our monthly email updates.

  • Monthly dialogues and talks hosted by Shippers and Procurement Councils (refer to the website regularly for details)
  • Innovation and e-Commerce Workshops. These are free workshops hosted once every month. Corporate and Professional Members are given priority in booking. Training dates are available online
  • Supply Chain Asia Forum 2018 will be held from 11-13 July. Download brochure through this link.
  • Supply Chain Hackathon 2018 will be held from 6-7 September and only full-time tertiary students can register to participate.
  • Awards 2018 will be held on 22 November 2018 at Resort World Sentosa this year. Details of the Awards will be uploaded and made available soon.

Industry Initiatives and Programmes

In 2017, we created the Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) – a 10,000 sq. ft. area designed to showcase innovative solutions for the industry. The Innovation Playground was opened in August 2017 and has hosted VVIP guests, such as our Prime Minister, DPM Tharman, Minister of Finance Heng Swee Kiat and various prominent ministers and government officials.

The Innovation Playground has since evolved to showcase the impact of Industry 4.0 solutions, such as autonomous technologies, IoT and intelligence through analytics. The Centre also enhances its engagement with visitors through the use of immersive technologies, such as virtual reality.

The Innovation Playground is located at 8 Bulim Avenue – within the massive compound of Supply Chain City. It is accessible to the public and we host regular tours for industry professionals and their team members who are keen to learn more about new technologies in supply chain and logistics.

If you are keen to visit the Playground, do reach out to us as well. We do not accept walk-ins due to the tight schedule that we currently have.

Final Words

It’s been 13 years since the founding of Supply Chain Asia. I always wonder if there is a day that I will drop this and walk away, but I realised that this is one calling that I truly enjoy.

I hope that I can continue to serve the community and acknowledge that I may not have the best resources and ideas at my disposal. This means that I can still fail the community at times. For this, I do apologise and hope that some of you within the community can step up to assist and support to make us better.

Happy New Year once again and it is a privilege to have your support and friendship. Look forward to see you during one of our activities in 2018.


Paul Lim