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Considering A Career In Logistics And Supply Chain Management? Here’s What You Need To Know

Considering A Career In Logistics And Supply Chain Management? Here’s What You Need To Know


Logistics & Supply Chain is crucial to our everyday activities as it manages the distribution of resources like consumables & wearable goods and also, essential equipment used for healthcare. There’s more of course!

So, you have come to realise the importance of the industry that plays a huge part of our life and decided that you want to build a career in this sector? Other than having suitable qualifications for this, what are other factors (Pros & Cons) that you should know about?

1. It’s an ‘invisible’ industry

The Logistics &Supply Chain sector mostly operates ‘behind-the-scenes’. Thus, although many positions are open for hiring, few candidates will apply. As stated on, there is a predicted demand for 1.4 million new supply chain workers by 2018. So what do you need to do?

Have a habit to research about job availability news and stay updated on the particular sector(s) that you are interested in, or you have the skill set for, so that whenever there are available openings, you will know it.

2. Logistics jobs are growing rapidly

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, other occupations are expected to have an average growth rate of 11 percent through 2022 but not with Logistics jobs where it’s expected to grow 22 percent (That’s twice more!) through to the same year. A growing industry is good, and as many new graduates might not know about the available job openings, that can also mean less competition for you!

3. Logistician is on the top 12 of Best Business Jobs Based on Best Business Jobs lists ranked by U.S News and World Report, logistician was ranked 12th on the list. Some contributing factors are the salary package, stress level and job prospects for your career growth.

Like what you hear so far? Let’s jump to some challenges you might face if you would like to pursue a career in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry.

1. Varied work locations

Working in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry, your working locations might vary as there is no standardised work setting. The possibility of working in mobile locations instead of a standard workplace are common. Therefore, companies would require high commitment from the person they would like to hire, and it is essential that you should also inquire about the kind of environment you will be working so that you will understand what will be expected from you and be better prepared for the job role you will be undertaking.

2. High-pressured environment

Almost all kinds of jobs have a certain stress level. You will need to be able to adapt to the working rhythm in the logistics industry where others would depend on you to roll out smoothly. In such industry, customers’ satisfaction is a top priority thus arises capability to maintain the smooth functioning of the logistics process.

3. Teamwork is crucial

If you work better alone than in a team, this job might not be for you (and most other job roles too). With the ability to cooperate and work with a team, naturally it’s followed by better results along with customer’s’ satisfaction. Therefore, teamwork capability is necessary. Here’s another good news if you are interested in joining and pursuing a great career in logistics & supply chain, you can now visit Logistics Jobs Asia and seek your perfect job quickly!

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