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Bigger Carrier Network For INTTRA

Bigger Carrier Network For INTTRA


INTTRA has added four new carriers to expand their carrier network. With the addition, it notably improves the carrier network growth. It is safe to assume that such growth indicates more carriers are adopting digitalisation across the industry.

Chief Executive Officer of INTTRA, John Fay noted that the digital tipping point has arrived for INTTRA with the expansion in transaction volume and participants. The widening network benefits not only the company but also the carriers, shippers, and businesses.

President and Chief Operating Officer of INTTRA, Inna Kuznetsova explained that shippers will be able to gain high-quality customer service from the carriers, and through a single connection, they can book and track containers from multiple carriers. The increase in network and newly integrated digitalisation shipping lifecycle are ways to fulfil the company’s vision of redeveloping the container shipping industry for the digital age.

Evergreen Marine Corporation, Namsung Shipping, Unifeeder, and Antillean Marine Shipping are the four carriers added to INTTRA’s network. With the rapid growth in digitalisation, it is a great move done by INTTRA to further improve their carrier network. The bigger their network scale, the more benefits will be obtained by all. It is a win-win situation.