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Was your Amazon account closed suddenly without warning? Here’s why.

Was your Amazon account closed suddenly without warning? Here’s why.


It seems like the world’s leader in e-commerce, Amazon, does not believe in the saying that the customer is always right.

According to independent investment research site Morning Star, the company is taking action and terminating accounts for unacceptable customer behaviours.

Such behavior include requesting for too many refunds, sending back the wrong items or violating other rules, such as receiving compensation for writing reviews.

In a quote published by the research site, an Amazon spokesperson said: “We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are rare occasions where someone abuses our service over an extended period of time. 

We never take these decisions lightly, but with over 300 million customers around the world, we take action when appropriate to protect the experience for all our customers,” he continued. 

The spokesman also states that Amazon encourages customers to contact the company if they think they have been mistakenly banned.

Dozens have complained on online forums that Amazon had closed their accounts without warning or explanation and the company says in its conditions of use that it reserves the right to terminate accounts in its sole discretion.

Amazon has also declined to disclose how many customers had been subjected to such a ban.

“If your behaviour is consistently outside the norm, you’re not really the kind of customer they want,” said James Thomson, a former senior manager at Amazon and now partner at brand consultancy Buy Box Experts.