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Adopt AI to improve customer experience & business decision-making

Adopt AI to improve customer experience & business decision-making


“AI for Business” is a report based on a survey of 871 senior business and technology leaders across the Asia Pacific and a series of expert interviews.

More than half of the survey sample have already deployed AI technologies within their businesses. Of the 13 markets covered by the survey, the highest level of AI penetration is in North Asia—Japan and South Korea. Indonesia and Vietnam are at the most nascent stage, with just a quarter of companies using AI.

Delivering an improved customer experience is the number one priority for companies in Asia in terms of their development and deployment of AI, with more than half of survey respondents already having used AI in customer processes and interactions. Improving business decision-making speed and quality, and increased operational efficiency, are also ranked as organisational priorities for AI.

A shortage of internal talent, noted by 58 per cent of survey respondents, ranks as the region’s greatest challenge in deploying AI. Yet filling the gap is not easy, as AI engineers are scarce and in high demand. Moreover, retaining them is not guaranteed. Other top AI challenges reported in the survey include the lack of available data and the high costs of deployment.