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YCH announces signing of MOU with Vietnamese corporation T&T

YCH announces signing of MOU with Vietnamese corporation T&T

ASEAN Business Advisory Council witnessed the MoU between YCH Group, represented by Ms Chan Yoke Ping, regional director (fifth from right) and T&T Group, represented by Mr Doan Tuan Anh, deputy general director.

YCH Group today (15 Nov) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with T&T Groups, a multi-industry Vietnamese corporation.

This collaboration aims to look at establishing Smart Growth Centres in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi as part of SGConnect™ (Smart Growth Connect), ASEAN Business Advisory Council’s (ASEAN BAC) fifth Legacy Project.

As the supply chain hub for urban cities, Smart Growth Centres aim to distribute and manage a range of different products for the city population while reducing socio-economic burden such as pollution, congestion and noise.

These Centres will maximise distribution efficiencies, with data-enabled real-time visibility of goods movements and quality control.

T&T Group will be working with the Vietnamese government and its local authorities for all necessary works and procedures during the location selection and project implementation process. YCH Group will establish the project implementation plan, including the list of investment items and a detailed action plan.

In a press release, chairman and CEO of T&T Group, Mr Do Quang Hien said: “ASEAN BAC’s Smart Growth Connect legacy project is totally in line with the development orientation of T&T Group. This project will not only bring about economic benefits, but also promote the development of production, goods circulation, import and export as well as build a new face for the logistics industry in Vietnam.

“In addition, the project is fully aligned with the global trend in the 4.0 revolution, bringing high technology into cutting edge areas, including logistics. I believe this will be a regional legacy project in the very near future.”