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XPO Logistics introduces new voice-enabled trackers

XPO Logistics introduces new voice-enabled trackers


On April 19, XPO Logistics announced the integration of their company’s last mile network with Google Home and Amazon echo capabilities.

This will offer consumers the ability to get delivery tracking updates, or schedule and reschedule deliveries by speaking to smart speakers.

XPO logistics claim that with two leading intelligent personal assistant technologies: Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, consumers can expect greater visibility and control over deliveries.

According to Mario Harik, XPO’s chief information officer, a person’s voice command to reschedule his or her delivery would trigger changes in XPO’s internal logistics tracking and dispatching software, and the new delivery time would be reflected in the truck driver’s mobile app.

“Tech-enabled consumer services are critically important in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” he said in a published quote.

“We’re helping our customers build loyalty and protect their brands, many of which are household names in e-commerce and retail,” he added.