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XPO Logistics Expects 750,000 European “Last Mile” Home Deliveries in 2018

XPO Logistics Expects 750,000 European “Last Mile” Home Deliveries in 2018

Photo: XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics Inc announced its expectations on making 750,000 European “last mile” home deliveries in 2018. The company’s European expansion has been growing since their acquisitions from 2012. The European market is reported to be in the “multi-multi billion dollar range”.


Chief Operating Officer of XPO Logistics, Troy Cooper said that this expansion to Europe is motivated by customers’ e-commerce demands. More customers are purchasing large items online. Such purchases require white glove services. XPO Logistics states that they will continue to uphold the leadership title for home deliveries in North America.


Managing Director of Transport of XPO Logistics Europe, Luiz Gomez confidently mentioned that XPO has the scale and experience to expand across Europe and they will offer customers results-driven performance. With plans to launch 30 new last mile hubs in North America by the end of this year, XPO is the leading last mile logistics provider for heavy goods. Roughly about 13 million deliveries are made a year.


As consumer demands’ are increasing, XPO aims to make up the majority of the fragmented market in Europe. XPO has been establishing networks with trucking contractors and customers; IKEA and ZARA. They can expect more potential customers and investments with this expansion.


Merger and acquisition seem to be an option that most companies adopt. Adopting this, however, has proven to be a success for XPO Logistics. The company’s hope of 750,000 European last mile deliveries might not be that far-fetched after all.