Virtual Reality @ SCLIP

A virtual reality (VR) supply chain lets organisations to design and architect in 3-D, evaluate designs and make critical decisions about new products and customer buying decisions. According to Industry Week, the value proposition of VR supply chains include:

  • Increased immediate sales configurations and up-selling opportunities;
  • A 3D visual and high resolution 360-degree 3D rendering enable the customer a walkthrough experience prior to making buy decisions;
  • A complete 3D visual of the parts list, components, quotes and pricing for the proposed design or purchase option;
  • Full supply chain integration from design, manufacturing, supplier management, distribution, customer delivery and installation;
  • Improved velocity, quality and simplification in the order fulfilment cycle;
  • Realisation of significant revenue growth, profitability and a superior customer experience.

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are beginning to assimilate this technology into their daily business models with immediate and impressive results.

At SCLIP, guests are invited to a VR experience and a discussion of ways to incorporate this innovative technology into the everyday operations of supply chain and logistics industry.