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Using 4.0 to fill the skills gap

Using 4.0 to fill the skills gap


The rapid growth in the manufacturing sector has been met with a serious shortage of trained workers. Manufacturers find themselves hiring people with no manufacturing experience just to fill open jobs. The newfound interest in quality across the enterprise can justify putting in place better systems to keep the business producing quality products.

By implementing systems that enforce control for quality needs, operators need less on-the-job training, and can get to work right away. For example, metal stamper Ralco Industries uses cloud manufacturing ERP for rigorous control of initial job setup that doesn’t allow production to begin until all required details are in place. This not only gives the company inherent quality control, but also gives production teams the kind of tools that makes their jobs fulfilling, and they stay.

Systems with built-in quality management also result in greater automation in production environments. MFC Netform, a highly automated supplier of transmission components, uses automated quality inspection systems with lasers and air pressure tools to take multiple measurements on a single fixture which takes human interpretation—and the potential error—out of their quality processes. Inspection data is immediately compared to the specification and if a dimension is outside of the control limits, an alert is presented, and a notification is sent to a supervisor. The system can even initiate an upstream shutdown to prevent further non-compliant parts.