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United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union

United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union


In a stunning victory for the anti-establishment forces that have upended mainstream politics across the Western world, British voters chose to pull their country out of the European Union, sending global markets into a tailspin and encouraging anti-EU forces across the continent to push for their own referenda on whether to break away.

In a poll turnout of 72 per cent, the decision to leave the EU is confirmed by a majority of 51.9 per cent. Although the decision is reported as momentous, in practical terms, few things will change in the immediate future. However, inevitably there will be some impacts felt in the UK and other member states.

British International Freight Association (BIFA), the trade association that represents UK freight forwarders, says in the run up to that exit it will campaign to ensure that the movement of the UK’s visible import and export trade does not become overburdened by over complicated trade procedures.