Training Grants & Scholarships

As a non-profit community dedicated to serving the logistics and supply chain industry, Supply Chain Asia provides diverse training grants and scholarships to support its training programs.

Training Grants for Professional training programs

Scholarships for its Academic training programs

Special support for professionals in career transition

Empowering Industry Growth: Training Grants and Scholarships from Supply Chain Asia

At Supply Chain Asia, our unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in the logistics and supply chain sector is at the heart of everything we do. As a non-profit community-driven organization with a dedicated mandate to serve the industry, we take pride in offering a range of training grants and scholarships that amplify educational opportunities and enable professional advancement.

Supporting Aspirations

We recognize that investing in education is paramount to driving industry progression. That’s why we extend a helping hand to individuals aspiring to enhance their knowledge and skills. Through our carefully curated training grants and scholarships, we aim to facilitate accessibility to our programs and empower candidates to embark on transformative learning journeys.

Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates seeking to benefit from our training grants and scholarships will need to meet both the enrollment criteria set by our partnering institutions and the grant support requirements defined by Supply Chain Asia. These dual criteria ensure that those who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their education and professional growth can take full advantage of our support offerings.

Reimbursement Basis

We take pride in our commitment to transparency and fairness. As such, do take note that the training grants and scholarships provided by Supply Chain Asia are awarded on a reimbursement basis. This approach ensures that recipients are recognized and rewarded for their dedication to their studies and professional development.

Application Steps:

  1. Apply for Course: Begin your journey by applying for your desired course through our partners’ websites. Once your application is accepted and confirmed by our partners, you’re one step closer to realizing your educational aspirations.

  2. Apply for a Training Grant: With your acceptance from our training in hand, take the next step by applying for the training grant at Supply Chain Asia by forwarding your confirmed registration to

  3. Upon payment of course fees: Once you have completed the payment to our training partner, you will need to forward your payment details to Supply Chain Asia at

  4. Upon completion of course/module. Supply Chain Asia will reimburse the 10% course fees (less GST) to your PayNow account upon completion of your course/module.

At Supply Chain Asia, we believe in equipping aspiring individuals with the tools they need to contribute meaningfully to the logistics and supply chain landscape. Our training grants and scholarships exemplify our dedication to fostering talent, driving innovation, and elevating the industry as a whole.