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Survey reveals monitoring gaps between traditional & hybrid IT environments

Survey reveals monitoring gaps between traditional & hybrid IT environments

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Ixia has released the results on ‘The State of Cloud Monitoring’. The report highlights the security and monitoring challenges faced by enterprise IT staff responsible for managing public and private cloud deployments.

The results revealed that companies have low visibility into their public cloud environments, and the tools and data supplied by cloud providers are insufficient. Lack of visibility can result in a variety of problems including the inability to track or diagnose application performance issues, inability to monitor and deliver against service-level agreements, and delays in detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities and exploits. For lucrative industries like healthcare and financial – cyberattacks against critical information infrastructures (CII) can prove lethal if they are not tackled in a timely manner.

Eight out of 10 companies increased their cloud-based workloads in 2018. The top priority for these cloud users is to increase cloud visibility for greater operational control. However, less than 20 per cent of IT professionals reported they have the data they need to monitor public cloud environments accurately.

Other findings from the survey:

  • Nearly all – 99 per cent – of the survey’s respondents recognised that that comprehensive cloud visibility has direct value to their organisations
  • 95 per cent of respondents said visibility problems had led them to experience an application or network performance issue
  • Nearly 70 per cent of participants stated that public cloud monitoring is more difficult than monitoring data centres and private clouds