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Strong Growth Figures: An Added Achievement for Dimerco

Strong Growth Figures: An Added Achievement for Dimerco

20180223 Dimerco Annual Management Meeting in Manila

Dimerco Express Group hopes for a great year in 2018 after their achievement in increasing growth revenue. Their strong growth sales revenue figures for 2017, was revealed at their Annual Management Meeting on February 23, 2018. On that same day, the company also commemorated the 40th anniversary of Dimerco Express Philippines, Inc. in Manila.

Over the previous year, the sales revenue was up by 9.7% while in Europe and China & Hong Kong, businesses were up by 19% and 17.2% respectively. Since the relocation of key staff members in 2017, the growth figures of the company improved. This is a big deal for the company as it provides new opportunities for them in this booming region.

Mr. Edward Lin, Chief Executive Officer of Dimerco Express Group, spotlights on Dimerco’s growing regional network. Stretching across 9 countries in Southeast Asia, the company now owns 36 offices.

Mr. Paul Chien, Founder, and Chairman of Dimerco gave a summary of the strategic plans that the company has in regard to digital technology development. Continuing to achieve the aim of offering customers with the leading-edge, cost-efficient, and smooth service, he also certified on Dimerco’s decision to merge the latest cloud networking technology with mobile smart logistics.

In response to how the company will attempt to overcome any endeavors, Mr. Paul Chien stresses on Dimerco’s potent IT capability track record. With that, Dimerco will remain to concentrate on their growth in 2018.