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SSI Schaefer Weasel® masters practically every transport task

SSI Schaefer Weasel® masters practically every transport task


The automated guided vehicle (AGV) Weasel® from SSI Schaefer has been designed for internal goods transport. Its high flexibility and scalability allow for easy integration into warehouse transport processes. From containers and cartons to miscellaneous products of various sizes, the Weasel masters practically every transport task.

Increasingly short product life cycles and constantly changing market requirements call for a high level of flexibility. In some cases, tried and tested continuous conveyors are only able to satisfy this requirement to a limited extent. With the Weasel AGV, SSI Schaefer now offers an innovative solution that is highly impressive in terms of flexibility and scalability. Changing customer requirements and fluctuations in demand can be managed at any time, both cost-effectively and at short notice. Numerous advantages all add to the appeal of the Weasel. There are no access restrictions in the warehouse, creating room for personnel and material flow. The vehicles navigate along an optical track that can be installed quickly, easily and in a flexible manner. Thanks to its compact design, this AGV can even be used in inaccessible areas.

From containers and cartons to trays or miscellaneous products of various sizes (up to 35 kg) the Weasel handles practically every transport task. The goods are transported gently and securely to the intended destination. Another advantage is the easy integration into existing systems. The Weasel is flexible in terms of system customisations and extensions. It can be integrated on a fixed or needsrelated basis for handling peaks in output. Both manual and automated connections can be quickly established to internal goods flows.