NOTE: This Special Training Grant is only applicable for Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above and is currently unemployed. Applicants will need to satisfy various criteria before the grant is awarded. Grant is also disbursed when the trainee has successfully completed the program. Grant amount ranges from $1000-$2000 per applicant.

Training Grant Application

Application form for unemployed signing up for Supply Chain Asia Train-and-Place Program.
  • Note that this grant is only applicable for unemployed Singaporeans above 40 years old
    Do note that ONLY SINGAPOREANS above 40 years old will qualify for this grant.
  • Please note that this grant is only available for unemployed Singaporeans 40 years old and above.
    Upon award and acceptance of the training grant, the trainee will commit to complete the training program and achieve at least 75% class attendance. Failure to fulfil the requirements will lead to withdrawal of the grant.