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Solving food loss with disruptive tech

Solving food loss with disruptive tech

Having a blockchain-enabled supply chain can help pinpoint the source of contamination.

In South and Southeast Asia, around 59 per cent of produce never makes it to the dining table; and 795 million people do not have regular, reliable access to food. In short, the food supply system is ripe for disruption.

To that end, non-profit sustainability consultancy Forum for the Future and partners unveiled the Global Food Logistics Innovations Map. It is a directory listing cutting-edge solutions and services in a single, online resource from which food and logistics companies can pick the most relevant or useful ones to implement in their business processes in order to prevent food loss.

The organisation has identified four areas with the most potential for change – packaging, cold chain, information and communications technology (ICT) and supply chain structure. The Map will also show the solution’s country of origin, its stage of development, efficacy levels, and how to get in touch with providers. It is being developed with the UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers and US-based ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.