About Smart Technologies

The enhanced benefits from smart technologies cannot be harnessed as bespoke solutions. To be able to obtain exponential benefits from the adoption of smart technologies, there is a need to bring all the different parts together – the effect of confluence.

Unlike “integration” that tries to glue various parts and components together, “confluence” manages the interfacing of various technologies and ensure it smooth flow – an output that will raise the level of operating efficiencies and effectiveness.

Confluence Technologies is founded on the premise of its belief – that smart technologies optimum benefits can be derived through a strategic and tactical understanding of how it can be adopted for effective execution.

Featured Technologies & Partners
Internet of Things – Sensors and Trackers for Assets, Labour and Workflow Management
Partners: Unabiz & Ubudu

AI-enabled Application Systems – Customised Machine Learning apps to enable smart management of jobs and tasks
Partners: InfoLog (WMS), Datrics

Autonomous Technologies (software) – The software automation process aims to reduce the level of human intervention and increase autonomous flows across functions, tasks and partners by automating mundane and repetitive tasks through RPA
Partners: Automation Anywhere, Cyclone RPA

Autonomous Technologies (robotics) – Managing the conveying and transportation of goods within a confined operating environment (warehouse or factory) through the adoption of autonomous mobile robots
Partners: Syrius Robotics, BotSync

Immersive Technologies – Enhancing the control tower and digital twin management through the use of Augmented and Virtual Realities
Partners: Hiverlab, Vostok

Case Study – The Smart Warehouse: Enabling Intelligent Warehouse Operations
Extending from WMS to create an AI-enabled warehouse management operations that utilises APIs to drive optimum efficiencies and effectiveness through on-demand task allocation and jobs execution.

Core Elements

  • Warehouse Management System
  • API with Machine Learning capabilities to assign tasks and allocate jobs based on a set of specially configured algorithms
  • NLP Voice-Activated device as an interface between Operators and System
  • Indoor Operators and Assets Tracking using UWB/BLE Anchors, Gateways and Tags
  • Conveying/Intra Warehouse Transfer using Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Execution requirements
    – A working WMS
    – Development of ML-API
    – NLP interface for voice activation
    – IoT with Indoor Tracking application
    – Autonomous conveying applications and capabilities (optional)

Smart Technologies is part of the development work of Confluence Technologies Pte Ltd
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