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Skyfy and A*STAR collaboration integrates last mile tech with AI – service raised productivity by 25%

Skyfy and A*STAR collaboration integrates last mile tech with AI – service raised productivity by 25%


Skyfy Technology, a vehicle telematics company working with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), today announced it has expanded its offering to include a last mile logistics management system built by A*STAR based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The solution will help companies better manage their vehicle fleet and drivers, while meeting their customers’ requirements amidst resource constraints.

Skyfy Technology, a provider of 24×7 Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle fleet management for 1,600 companies in Singapore, collaborated with A*STAR to integrate the last mile technology with its proprietary GPS vehicle tracking system.

The AI algorithm automates the process of planning delivery routes, efficiently reducing the time spent on planning by more than 50%.

Real-time vehicle monitoring and route optimisation enables order deliveries within 20% less time, and reduces petrol and manpower costs by 20%.

The technology also allows for last-minute orders, while helping companies easily communicate updates to customers.

A trial involving Air Connection and La Belle Collection was completed earlier this year and both companies saw a 25% increase in productivity resulting from savings in time and cost.

“SMEs often lack visibility in their last mile operations, making it challenging for them to respond to unplanned incidents,” said Joseph Ng, CEO, Skyfy Technology.

“This solution enables companies to monitor their performance in real-time, ultimately equipping them with the flexibility to meet customer demands while streamlining their operations.”

Skyfy’s entry into last-mile logistics is part of a five-year roadmap it developed under A*STAR’s Operation and Technology Roadmapping (OTR) Initiative.

Beyond Singapore, the company plans to introduce the solution to key markets in the Southeast Asian region, and is currently looking for local partners in Malaysia and Indonesia to collaborate with.