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Seven industries 5G technology could transform

Seven industries 5G technology could transform


Major 5G network deployments are expected by 2020, and a projected 4.1B IoT cellular connections will use 5G worldwide by 2024, according to Ericsson.

From supply chain management, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, to retail, to name just a few, 5G is poised to disrupt a plethora of the world’s biggest industries and global marketplaces.

  1. Supply Chain Management: Installing 5G-enabled IoT sensors on products could easily make a large amount of data could available to stakeholders in the supply chain in real time.
  2. Transportation: 5G technology could provide increased visibility and control over transportation systems, from public buses to private logistic fleets.
  3. Manufacturing: 5G technology could help production operations in the manufacturing industry to become more flexible and efficient while enhancing safety.
  4. Retail: Mobile shopping has become incredibly popular among consumers worldwide. Over 100 million Americans made a purchase on their smartphones in 2018.
  5. Cloud computing: Due to mobile devices’ low throughput, high latency, and inconsistent connectivity, cloud applications are often watered down in terms of features and functionality.
  6. Military: Real-time data collection and transmission to devices within communication networks are crucial, and 5G technology could minimize the speed of data transmission.
  7. Education: As 5G paves the way to better AR/VR experiences, teachers could use these technologies in a variety of new education techniques.