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SCPC – Membership Onboarding Process

The Membership Onboarding Process will allow us to validate your eligibility and understanding of the membership requirements.

Enjoy 2-years of fully subsidised union membership worth $234 ($117 per year)

Participate in SCA-facilitated training programs in partnership with SUTD Academy

Receive extended training grants to cover additional cost of training fees not supported by SSG.

The SCA-SCEU Supply Chain Professional Chapter (SCP Chapter)

The Supply Chain Professional Chapter (SCP Chapter) is a collaborative effort between Supply Chain Asia, the Supply Chain Employees Union (SCEU) and U-PME, affiliates of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC). The platform is crafted to advocate for the advancement of supply chain and logistics professionals. Through this partnership program, we endeavour to strengthen the Supply Chain community, offering a platform for those seeking recognition and formidable support under the esteemed umbrella of an NTUC affiliate.

Steps to become SCPC Member

  • STEP 1. Submit Enrolment Form: Fill out and submit the enrolment form. Supply Chain Asia (SCA) will verify your eligibility. Only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) aged 21 and above are eligible to join.

  • STEP 2. Provide Detailed Information: Once you have submitted your form and meet the eligibility criteria, we will send you a link to provide complete details such as your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number, date of birth, etc. This information will be forwarded to the Supply Chain Employees Union (SCEU) to verify your membership status. There are three possible scenarios:

    • If you are not a union member, SCA will register you as a member under SCPC and cover your union membership fees quarterly. SCEU/NTUC will invoice SCA.

    • If you are a general branch (GB) member, SCEU will facilitate the transfer of your membership to SCPC and bill SCA for your union membership fees quarterly.

    • If you are affiliated with another union, SCEU will contact you to explore the possibility of transferring your membership to SCPC. You will be asked to sign a transfer form if the transfer is feasible. However, if your union affiliation is tied to your current employment, SCEU will not process the transfer. In this case, SCA will accept you as an Affiliate Member and reimburse your union fees quarterly.

  • STEP 3. Confirmation of Membership Status/Participate in Training: Once your membership status is confirmed, you must sign up for at least 3 training courses facilitated by SCA as part of the membership criteria. These courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Singapore’s (SSG) grant, which covers up to 90% for Singaporeans above 40 years old and 70% for those below 40 years old and PRs. At the end of each attended course, SCA will reimburse 10% of the training grant (excluding GST).