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Scania launches its New Truck Generation in Singapore

Scania launches its New Truck Generation in Singapore

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Södertälje, Sweden
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Scania today (Oct 26) launched a new award-winning truck generation in Singapore, designed and engineered to give fleet owners greater total operating economy and profitability with a smaller carbon footprint.

The New Truck Generation by Scania is the result of 10 years of development work, involving the company’s largest-ever investment of about SEK 20 billion (S$3 billion) and more than 10 million kilometres of test driving. It replaces Scania’s PGR generation of trucks, which has been available in Singapore since 2006.

“Scania has invested substantially to develop a whole generation of heavy-duty trucks tailored to address the specific challenges of fleet operators,” says Mr Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore and Regional Manager of South Malaysia and Singapore. “With the New Truck Generation, we reinforce our commitment to help our customers achieve higher levels of sustainability, safety and profitability in their businesses.”

The New Truck Generation by Scania has been developed for long haulage, construction and urban applications, with a strong focus on customer profitability.

Scania is also introducing the XT range, with additional technical specifications built to enhance the robustness of trucks that work in rough terrains, such as construction sites. These include a high air intake to supply the engine with the cleanest air possible in dusty environments and a tow pin with 40-tonne towing capacity in the front to enable the truck to be pulled out quickly.

The new generation continues to adopt Scania’s unique modular system, where customers can customise their vehicle configurations according to their choice of cabs, engines and chassis. This system maximises spare parts availability and minimises downtime for vehicles needing repairs and replacements, allowing customers to benefit from incremental revenues.

Scania’s New Truck Generation has received several international accolades. It topped the 1,000 Point Test in 2016 and 2017, a fuel performance challenge scored by European trucking journalists and organised by Germany’s ETM Verlag.

The new S-series truck clinched the prestigious International Truck of the Year 2017, awarded by a panel of leading trucking journalists representing 25 countries in Europe. It was judged to have delivered substantial improvements in cab aerodynamics, driveability, comfort, safety and driveline performance.

Scania also received the Green Truck Award for two years consecutively, in 2017 and 2018, from VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker magazines, which recognised the fuel economy of the new R-series trucks.