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SATO’s New loT Mobile Printer Is the Solution for E-Commerce

SATO’s New loT Mobile Printer Is the Solution for E-Commerce


SATO, the leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions announced on February 13, 2018, of the launched of its new PW208NX loT. This is an equipped mobile printer that is designed for printing labels such as markdown, delivery, and price tag; mostly used for front-line operational environments.

To allow their workforces to handle the growing usage of e-commerce, logistics and retail providers need to have advanced technologies. The mobile printer features strong connectivity for flexible accessibility and capability with smart applications. To prevent inactivity and recognizing problems, the mobile printer was designed to be cloud-based loT maintenance service SOS friendly.

Important for both outdoor and indoor, the printer brings a larger and pliability usage with the support of iOS, NFC, and AEP functionality. When dropped, the PW208NX shows high shock resistance and impact absorption. The mobile printer also has universal icons to aid an easy operation. Other than that, it also supports the environment by eliminating waste and reducing the amount of paper used.

SATO Chief Product Planning Officer, Noriyasu Yamada expressed his excitement on launching the loT mobile printer to the market. He mentioned that with the consideration of markets’ demands, the newly introduced loT offers an improved ROI for the customers. This is due to the growing e-commerce which eventually calls for a need to have the best and smart hardware designed loT.

APAC will start the global launch of PW208NX from February 2018 and will then continue on to North America and Europe.