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SATO launches cloud-based labelling data management service

SATO launches cloud-based labelling data management service

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SATO, a global pioneer in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions, has launched SATO App Storage, a cloud-based data management service for centralisation of labelling data and design templates for food service, retail and other sectors.

In the case of food management, mislabelling can be a life or death matter for foods that contain allergens. For any business, incorrectly labelled product information can lead to significant loss of trust, not to mention lost revenues from potential recalls.

Restaurant chains, supermarkets and retailers spread across wide geographic areas face serious challenges with data management for product labelling. As labelling data updates are often supported by system administrators but carried out by local teams, the process has traditionally been time-consuming, entailing a process fraught with possibility of error. Research shows two top priorities among organizations in terms of data management are increasing efficiency and protecting their reputation and brand. Over half (52 per cent) of organisations maintain high-quality data for the purpose of increasing efficiency, while 39 per cent do so to protect their brand.

With SATO App Storage, users can streamline processes and ensure the highest level of accuracy in their labelling operations. By centralising management of labelling data, food and retail chains can ensure product information is always up to date and accurate. Administrators can arrange for updates of label data and label designs to be automated in real time or scheduled for specified locations.