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SCA Training Programs – Registration Guidelines

Please adhere to the following registration steps to secure a spot in our 2024 programs. Before beginning this process, ensure you are registered as an SC Pro Chapter member; non-members are ineligible for SCA funding support.

Step 1: Reserve Your Seat
Access the provided link to reserve a seat for your chosen training program and date. Upon reservation, a formal registration link will be emailed to you for enrolment. (Click here to reserve a training seat)

Step 2: Enrol at Training Partner Site
Use the link sent to you to enrol in your selected course at our training partner website. Singapore citizens aged 40 and above should enrol as individual-sponsored. Singapore citizens under 40 and Singapore Permanent Residents must find an SME for Company-Sponsored registration to qualify for a 90% course subsidy. Email your registration confirmation to

Step 3: Provide PayNow Details
Submit your PayNow details via this link for the course reimbursement process. A reimbursement of 10% (excluding GST) will be issued as part of the Project Associate fee on the final day of your course, contingent on a minimum of 75% attendance and fulfilment of all SSG funding criteria. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the withholding of fund disbursement.

Step 4: Process Your Registration Fee Payment
Upon reaching the required number of participants, our training partner will email you payment instructions. Fees may be paid through various methods or claimed against Skills Future Credit.

Step 5: Participate in the Course
Ensure full participation and achieve at least a 75% attendance rate.

Step 6: Apply for UTAP
Selected courses facilitated by SCA are eligible for UTAP. Union members are encouraged to verify UTAP eligibility for their course on their personal union page. A receipt of course fees and a certificate of completion are necessary for UTAP claims. You can log into your union membership account here.