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RedMart launches RedMart Relay, a new “On-demand Marketplace”

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RedMart Relay will enable customers to order tens of thousands of products from participating food and retail partners including hot meals and other food, household items, apparel, electronics, and much more. These items will be delivered by “Runners” – personal shoppers who go to the participating stores, purchase the products, and deliver directly to the customer, all within one hour of ordering.

When asked why RedMart is expanding into other categories through the on-demand model, Roger Egan, Co-founder & CEO, said: “We aspire to become an Everything Store, delivering just about anything to anyone at any time. We started with groceries because it is the largest market and has the highest customer engagement. It also requires the most robust technology and logistics infrastructure due to the operational complexity of the category. By controlling the entire supply chain, from fulfilment through last mile delivery, we have been able to innovate and create a superior customer experience”.

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