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Reasons Why You Should Have an Internship in Logistics and Supply Chain

Reasons Why You Should Have an Internship in Logistics and Supply Chain


If you are looking to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain after graduation, it would be wise to prepare yourself from this moment onwards!

An internship is an important project for your study. Instead of merely fulfilling the procedure for your study’s requisite, you should know how important an internship is, especially in logistics career.

An internship helps supply chain students recognise the nature, work environment, and career advancement opportunities within an organisation. Some internships could even gain you the opportunity in future for a full-time employment!

Is that all? No! If you are still wondering why you should have an internship, here are 5 good reasons to have an internship at logistics and supply chain industry:

More knowledge. Witnessing negotiations between retailer and supplier provides you with a better understanding of what is involved. It is what you can’t get from any textbooks or online references!

Get some relevant experience. With the internship, you will know the task and challenges that you have to deal with every single day, and this will help you gauge whether you really want to work in the sector and what roles interest you.

Being offered a future position. When you perform well during your internship, the company will remember you and even offer you a full-time placement after your graduation.

Gain a broader network. Having an internship gives you a chance to meet new people. Your network grows, and you can benefit from your valuable network to get a job in the future. Keep in mind that handing a name card is not enough. Instead, you have to tie them up by continuous communication. Knowing many people is nothing if you can’t nurture a good relationship with them!

Further considerations. Thanks to the internship, it allows you to figure out what you like and do not like about the industry. You will then be able to consider further your various options before diving into your future career. Whatever the options are, you know exactly what the best for you!

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