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POS Malaysia partners with Anchanto

POS Malaysia partners with Anchanto


Anchanto, a Singapore-based e-commerce logistics and selling platform, announced that Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia), Malaysia’s premier postal and courier company, will be utilising its warehouse management technology to expand Pos Malaysia’s ability in providing a comprehensive e-fulfilment service, primarily to serve the growing e-commerce business in Malaysia.

Anchanto’s electronic warehouse management system will be integrated with Pos Malaysia’s own processes to form an e-Commerce Fulfilment System, demonstrating the seamless ease in which Anchanto’s platform can be used to link with Pos
Malaysia’s system. The new platform will enable Pos Malaysia to provide and end-to-end service for its customers including warehousing and last-mile delivery by Pos Laju. To date, being the leading domestic courier company in Malaysia, Pos Laju currently handles 84.6 million volume of parcels and documents.

Pos Malaysia’s online sellers will also be able to use Anchanto’s SelluSeller, a one-stop platform that enables merchants and enterprises to sell on various e-marketplaces across Asia. The new system will go live at the end of June this year.