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Professional Certificate in Innovative Supply Chain Transformation and Digital Intelligence (4 modules/12 days)

Supply Chain Asia provides a unique,
highly interactive skills & knowledge base training to the industry.

This program comprises 4 modules of 3-day training per each module.

Professional Certification by Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) Academy

Enjoy Extended Funding of up to 90% from SSG and 10% training grant from SCA*

Executive Summary

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, supply chains must adapt with innovative and intelligent solutions. The Advanced/Graduate Certificate in Innovative Supply Chain Transformation and Digital Intelligence is crafted to empower professionals with advanced skills in modern supply chain strategies and digital solutions. Over 12 impactful days, spread across four modules, this program will provide a deep dive into next-generation supply chain concepts, smart logistics, powerful digital tools like Power Apps and Power Automate, and mastery of data analytics through Power BI. Participants will also learn about integrating cutting-edge logistics technologies to create a seamless supply chain ecosystem.

Program Objectives

To offer a deep and practical understanding of next-generation supply chain mechanisms and smart logistics.
To enable professionals to build and automate supply chain processes using Power Apps and Power Automate.
To master data analytics in supply chain management through comprehensive Power BI training.
To examine the integration of emerging logistics technologies in modern supply chains for increased efficiency and innovation.

Program Modules

Module 1: Next-Gen Supply Chain & Smart Logistics (3 days)
Understanding the elements of next-generation supply chains.
Exploring the impact and benefits of smart logistics solutions.
Analyzing real-world examples of innovative supply chain and logistics practices.

Module 2: Digitising Supply Chain: Power Apps & Power Automate (3 days)
Fundamentals of Power Apps for custom supply chain solution development.
Automating supply chain processes with Power Automate for efficiency.
Workshop on designing and deploying digital applications tailored to supply chain scenarios.

Module 3: Supply Chain Intelligence: Mastering Power BI Service (3 days)
Core concepts of Power BI and its relevance to supply chain analytics.
Hands-on training on using Power BI for advanced data analysis and reporting.
Case studies demonstrating the power of analytics in supply chain decision-making.

Module 4: Integrating Smart Supply Chains and Emerging Logistics Technologies (3 days)
Survey of emerging technologies reshaping supply chains (e.g., AI, drones, autonomous vehicles).
Strategies for integrating new technologies into existing supply chain frameworks.
Group projects focusing on designing integrated, technology-driven supply chain solutions.

Target Audience

This program targets supply chain and logistics professionals, managers, technology enthusiasts, and consultants who aim to stay at the forefront of supply chain innovation. It is intended for those seeking to leverage digital tools for strategic advantages and career advancement in the realm of supply chain management.

Training Dates