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Malaysia seeking more hi-tech investment from China

Malaysia seeking more hi-tech investment from China


According to a recent report, Malaysia’s unhindered access to the US and Europe markets makes it a good choice for China-based exporters to base themselves.

According to the nation’s Finance Minister, beyond domestic considerations, Malaysia has easy access to the world’s major markets, be it the US, Europe or elsewhere. This is an important factor for exporters to consider when the global supply chain is being re-oriented due to trade flows either in the Pacific driven by the US. For China-based exporters affected by the economic uncertainty in the west, Malaysia is clearly a base that they will need.

In the first quarter of 2019, Malaysia approved foreign direct investment of RM29.3bn, an increase of 73.4 per cent compared to RM16.9bn last year.

A total of RM4.4bn came from China, making China the second biggest source of approved manufacturing investment into Malaysia, after the US investments of RM11.1bn, in the first three months of this year.