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Learning, Adapting & Executing

Learning, Adapting & Executing


Supply Chain Week (SCW) 2017 concluded with a closed door networking cocktail session on 22 September at Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP). SCLIP is an initiative by Supply Chain Asia (SCA) that provides a platform for industry players to come together to try, test and launch new and innovative solutions.

It was a busy five-day event consisting of SC Hackathon, lunch talks, Supply Chain Asia Forum (SCAF), and industry site visits to some of the top manufacturing facilities in the country. Inspired by Europe’s Supply Chain Day, SCW aims to reach out to industry leaders, supply chain executives, logistics professionals, and aspiring individuals who want to learn, join and engage with others in the community.

Understanding supply chain challenges and conceptualising ideas

In Supply Chain Hackathon 2017, participants were tasked to brainstorm ideas and solutions that solve a supply chain challenge. Open to local tertiary students from polytechnics, institutes of technical education, and universities, this year’s Hackathon featured 18 teams of three students each battling it out for the coveted winner’s trophy. After an intensive boot camp and a competitive presentation, three teams stood out from the rest.

The champions were TP Team 3, consisting of Mr Syahmi Aman, Mr Dumont Teo Han Song and Mr Ryan Chan Junhao. Their solution aims to reduce or eliminate warehouse accidents caused by Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Named 7th Sense, the solution consists of a wristband, which utilises Bluetooth technology to sense for objects, and a beacon, which vibrates when within seven-metre radius of a MHE. This alerts the wearer that there is a MHE within the vicinity, and to be more alert of their surroundings.