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Keep the Good (Stress), Diminish the Bad (Stress)

Keep the Good (Stress), Diminish the Bad (Stress)


Every job is tough, and it is common for employees to feel stressed out at certain periods. When we talk about the Supply Chain and Logistics industry, we know that the operation processes has to be precise and in a timely manner as a single error could turn out to be costly.

With increasing work demands, it will at the same time, increase the stress level of each employee while with the possibility of affecting employees’ work-life balance.

Trying to achieve error-free deliverables are impossible. Good stress motivates you, but bad stress affects your health and will be harmful in the long run. With better management of your stress level can help in balancing your work-life and overall well-being. Here are tips you can adopt:

1) Time Management

When you are not able to manage your time efficiently, you get flooded with different tasks that you need to complete within the same timeframe or tasks that have already missed their deadlines.

Being in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry, ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Timely’ are basically life mottos. That is where prioritisation comes in! Learning to prioritise enables you to focus on the needed first before getting your hands on the rest. And also, achieving better time management too!

2) Break times

Sitting too long at your desk any one time rushing through work or just running around the warehouse making sure everything is in order would not do any good as work is never going to end and issues do happen time to time no matter how many rounds of checks you might have done to ensure its accuracy. Why? Because you get too stressed and uptight about everything, you might overlook minor details.

Take a breather now and then to pace yourself back to a steady momentum. It can be just going out of the office building for some fresh air or looking out the window to the surrounding for a few minutes. Next, refrain from talking about work during lunch hours. Such break times are to allow your mind and body to refresh and get re-energised.

Now you see why knowing to prioritise well is important?

3) Happiness @ Work

‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Quite true! Happy employees generally feel lower stress levels. Having casual interactions with your colleagues, reading articles or watching short youtube videos you enjoy and encountering funny stuff can ultimately increase your happiness at work. Even having a light-hearted banter at work could increase your happiness level and bonds simultaneously.

4) Relax & Rest

After a long day at work, you should learn to relax and rest. Relaxation activities can be going to the gym, having some ‘me-time’ at home doing things you enjoy doing alone, meeting friends nearby for dinner and catching up or just simply spending some family time. Of course, plan well your activities to avoid overtiring yourself.

Next, would be getting sufficient rest to let your body recover so that you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and raring to get back to work. Moreover, without plentiful of rest, you could get frustrated easily during work too.

If you haven’t been practising the above, start right now, and you’ll see the differences soon enough.

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