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JDA-MIT Collaboration Aims To Advance Intelligent Supply Chain

JDA-MIT Collaboration Aims To Advance Intelligent Supply Chain


Strengthening business domain expertise and client base to accelerate research in the intelligent supply chain, a multiyear collaboration between JDA Software, Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was announced. This collaboration aims to improve the supply chain’s performance and customers’ experience by producing brand new and unconventional capabilities; using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, loT, and Artificial Intelligence.

Executive Vice President, and Chief Development Officer of JDA, Desikan Madhavanur, emphasised on the vitality of incorporating innovation into supply chain; especially so to the digitalisation aspect. He stated that the collaboration with MIT will speed up the research into “more intelligent and cognitive” capabilities. Both JDA’s product development team and JDA Labs team will work together to run the research.

The MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and JDA will develop real-time use cases to further expand the demands anticipated, smart execution and advanced supply chain, and retail planning that will ultimately produce an enforceable supply chain.

The real-time use cases will study the new data science algorithms for any prescriptive cognitive optimization and anticipated behaviours that not only analyse past behaviours but also determine future behaviours. All of these are based on the demand signals. This could also help to produce customers’ supply chain that is of a higher value.

Professor of the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS), Dr. David Simchi-Levi, is pleased with the multiyear research collaboration. He mentioned that the collaboration will have an influence on the multiple data sources at the same time, make an emphasis on the combination of consumer-behaviour modelling, optimization, and machine learning.

With the vitality of innovation in the supply chain, it is a good move for both parties to have this joint agreement to further improve the research. This is beneficial to the digital transformation of supply chain and to its efficiency.