The enhanced benefits from smart technologies cannot be harnessed as bespoke solutions. To be able to obtain exponential benefits from the adoption of smart technologies, there is a need to bring all the different parts together – the effect of confluence. Unlike “integration” that tries to glue various parts and components together, “confluence” manages the interfacing of various technologies and ensure it smooth flow – an output that will raise the level of operating efficiencies and effectiveness.

[email protected] was initially set up as Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) in 2017. In that initiative, SCLIP was designed as a platform to curate, host and showcase emerging technologies that were impacting the logistics and supply chain industry.

Over time, we evolved our engagement with these solutions and started to focus on SMART TECHNOLOGIES. The premise behind this was the recognition of the benefits that the effective adoption of selective technologies can lead to enhanced and highly effective and efficient operations.

This was only possible when “intelligence” can be cultivated into the overall operating environment. Intelligence comes from access to an extensive base of data and information that companies often cannot cope with on its own.

It will require the development of “artificial intelligence” or machine learning applications.

Today, [email protected] is focused on assisting and supporting companies and professionals in acquiring knowledge and access to these solutions to super-charge their operations. 

Technologies Showcases & Walkthroughs

  • Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Immersive Technologies (AR & VR)
  • Internet of Things – Sensors, Actuators, Real Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Industry Advisory & engagement program

[email protected] seeks to provide a platform to improve collaboration across supply chain operations – internal and external.

Besides learning and experiential opportunities for companies and individuals, the centre will also provide opportunities to explore how they can leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and user experience technologies to drive enhancements into their business processes.


  • Validate and review applicable and new technologies for the Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Study the impact/benefits from the adoption of such technologies
  • Provide platforms for Ideation and Concept testing


  • Together with our tech partners, conduct industry studies to further articulate the viability of the technologies
  • Explore how these technologies can be integrated to current working environments
  • Controlled development through Proofs of Concepts and Commercial Trials


  • Provide advisory and engagment support to companies seeking better understanding on the use and impact of technologies
  • Extend consultation services through partnerships with tech vendors and solutions providers where needed
  • Assist in commercial deployments that impact the industry on a larger scale

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