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Hobbies that Benefit You in Supply Chain

Hobbies that Benefit You in Supply Chain


Are you currently in the Logistics / Supply Chain industry? Do you know there are hobbies that help you maximise your capabilities in this industry?

In your career (whichever industry you are in), you would want to work towards learning more so that you can grow together with the company and industry; being successful in what you do. Trainings and workshops can be costly, but there are affordable ways to enhance your current skills.

Yes, hobbies. Not only joyful and entertaining, but hobbies provide learning  of soft skills and mental improvement. Here are some hobbies useful for your supply chain and logistics management career:

Playing Golf. Pursuing a career in logistics and supply chain requires being well-planned. Goods are executed in a short period of time, and your team has to hand them to the right customers in a timely manner.

Similar with playing golf. It makes you train hard so that you can complete the hole in as few shots as possible. Planning is the key, and mistakes can be costly.

Practising playing golf leads you to do a better time management and errors minimization to achieve the goals.

Travelling. Travelling enables you to be a great scheduler and planner. These skills are very useful in real working situations. It also allows you to interact with strangers or even learn to  speak a foreign language, a great experience to support your logistics job.

Travelling also leads you to find quick solutions to solve unexpected issues. Quite a great practice to train yourself in handling urgent issues that require immediate attention.

Karaoke. Sing can increase your self-confidence. Pursuing a career in logistics will allow you to meet new people and also to work with them. With better confidence, it will be easier to adapt to new workplace arrangements, even new people across the globe.

Team sports. It is impossible to complete tasks without a solid teamwork. Playing team sports not only require you to achieve great results in what you need to do but also makes you have the need to work in a team to achieve the best possible success. These activities drive you to have a sense of ownership to yourself and others, avoid selfishness and respecting each other.

Do you have any of the above mentioned hobbies? If yes, great! You are on the right track. If not, put a list of your current hobbies and reflect on how they contribute to a better performance at work and reevaluate them Perhaps, take on an additional hobby!

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