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Healthcare providers in APAC to spend US$7.03b on robotics by 2022

Healthcare providers in APAC to spend US$7.03b on robotics by 2022

Robot holding a medical syringe

Robotics has a special place in the healthcare industry because of all the exciting things it can make possible. In a field where trained professionals are scarce, they are a resource that can be trained and trusted to be precise.

According to a new report by IDC, healthcare companies in the APAC spent US$3.73bn on robotics in 2018 and are forecasted to spend up to US$7.03bn by 2022. IDC’s analysts found that, in the healthcare industry, robotics embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) is not a threat to physicians but will instead augment their efficiency in their respective fields of work.

Robots embedded with AI will also revolutionise the future of healthcare, the consulting firm’s analysts believe. Machines learn faster and are expected to take over pattern-based diagnosis in pathology and radiology. This transformation will become inevitable to handle demand volume in hospitals. Technology buyers, technology providers, and even medical educational institutes should realise this evolving trend and work on becoming future-ready.

Further, experts and management executives at healthcare facilities in the APAC feel that adoption of robotics in hospitals enhances the experience provided to patients, physicians, and nurses.