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Global Job Confidence Index Report 2021

Global Job Confidence Index Report 2021

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Global Survey Reveals Supply Chain and Procurement Professionals Share Optimism in their Job Confidence and Job Market

The latest study by specialist recruitment firm DSJ Global revealed 55% of Supply Chain and Procurement employees shared a positive calibre regarding their economic expectations. Comparably, 58% of professionals felt positive about the current job market, a direct turnaround from last year’s findings, where a minor segment (36%) expressed optimism.

The results come from the DSJ Global Job Confidence Index Reportwhich measures the pulse of confidence in the end-to-end Supply Chain labour market. The index reports on professionals’ confidence in the economy, holding or getting a job, their compensation and bonus, flexible working patterns, relocation, and whether the normal bull-bear factors in employment have changed. The qualitative data were globally analysed across three regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States.    

Global Job Security and Job Market Confidence are High

According to DSJ Global, almost 2/3 (63%) of Supply Chain and Procurement employees felt confident about their job security, a prominent upswing from 50% provided this answer in last year’s report. Similarly, 64% of respondents are confident or very confident in their projections for the future job market.

Of the Supply Chain and Procurement professionals surveyed, 62% received a bonus this year, with 23% receiving an even higher bonus than last year. Compensation confidence was also strongly rippled throughout the global talent community, with more than half (54%) expecting to receive a higher salary in the next 12 months.  

High Job Satisfaction Contrasts Intention to Leave for a New Opportunity

Across the globe, job satisfaction has significantly increased with half (50%) of respondents displayed a positive sentiment, a stark contrast to 28% who felt unsatisfied or highly unsatisfied this year.

Despite feeling secure in their respective positions, 2 in 3 (66%) of the Procurement and Supply Chain network are likely to leave their current job. Furthermore, 74% of the global workforce indicated a willingness to relocate for a new opportunity, which is evidence of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Flexible Work isn’t Under Construction, it’s the Future

Findings from the DSJ Global survey revealed a newfound desire for flexible working options, with well over half (58%) indicating that it is very or extremely important. Comparably, the overwhelming majority (90%) of global respondents highlighted it is critical when asked directly about the importance of flexible work.

About the Job Confidence Index Study   

Results are derived from a 2021 DSJ Global study that engaged with over 1,000 experienced Supply Chain and Procurement sector professionals around the world. The online survey ran from April to May 2021.

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