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FedEx Launches Self-Collection Service in Singapore

FedEx Launches Self-Collection Service in Singapore


FedEx Express (FedEx) has announced that self-collection services for FedEx packages are now available at all participating bluPort and Parcel Santa lockers, and Park N Parcel retail collection points strategically located throughout Singapore. This collaboration aims to enhance customer convenience, as they can now collect their packages from the extensive network of lockers and collection points island wide, available 24/7.

Through the FedEx Delivery Manager International (FDMI) platform and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), customers with a valid mobile number or email address can be paired to their nearest Park N Parcel retail collection point or bluPort or Parcel Santa locker, which will be made available prior to package arrival. For example, FDMI allows a customer who may not be available to receive their package delivery will have the option to select a location closest to their home or workplace. All customers will have the flexibility of collecting their packages at their preferred venue and time, contributing to the overall reduction of carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

“FedEx creates possibilities for businesses including small and medium enterprises who require the added convenience this service provides through the secure self-collection options nationwide,” said Audrey Cheong, Managing Director of FedEx Express Singapore. “As online shopping grows, our customers continue to search for flexible delivery options. These self-collection capabilities underscore our effort to address small businesses’ evolving shipping and last-mile delivery needs.”

FedEx Singapore’s self-collection initiative is fuelled by the rapid growth of e-commerce in the country. By 2022, Singapore’s e-commerce market forecast is expected to increase by 48% to US$7 billion1. This will create a strain on the environment, with last-mile delivery and packaging causing the largest environmental impact2. The new FedEx service will help to tackle these issues by increasing productivity, reducing traffic congestion and carbon footprint generated – especially when performing small parcel delivery. It also helps to ensure efficient delivery of goods to people and businesses, an objective that is in line with the Singapore government’s Urban Logistics Initiative.

“Digitalisation plays a pivotal role in the transformation of various industries. We are glad that logistics providers such as FedEx Express are optimising their operations, capitalising on technology to improve operations such as enabling the delivery of parcels to collection points,” said Jane Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, Sector Transformation, IMDA.

FedEx recognises the benefits that self-collection can bring to customers, as the e-commerce market continues to grow1. Self-collection for parcels and packages will provide customers with more