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Exploring an Industry of the Future

Exploring an Industry of the Future

The Innovation Playground located at Supply Chain City.

The logistics industry faces a surge in global and regional demand for next generation supply chain and logistics solutions. To capture this market opportunity, Supply Chain Asia (SCA), with support from SPRING Singapore (SPRING) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), has officially launched a new logistics incubator, the Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP), located at Supply Chain City on 30th August.

Featuring the dream technologies

SCLIP is a key initiative under the “Innovation” pillar of the Logistics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) that was rolled out in November last year. It aims to support the development and adoption of innovative technologies to enhance the competitiveness of logistics players in Singapore. SCLIP is set up to incubate, pilot and deploy new and innovative solutions, such as warehouse technology, Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and digital technology, for the logistics industry.

As an ecosystem builder, SCLIP aims to grow technology startups which can harness innovation to develop effective solutions with the potential to disrupt and transform the logistics and supply chain businesses. Technology startups are also valuable partners to logistics players who provide customised integrated hardware and software solutions to drive manpower-lean business models. SCLIP is supported under the Startup SG Accelerator scheme managed by SPRING.

Focusing on industry partnerships

SCLIP fosters collaboration and adoption of technology by logistics companies. Through SCLIP’s facilitation, HUB Distributors Services Pte Ltd (HUB) partnered Infolog Pte Ltd to develop and pilot vision and voice technology for its warehouse picking process. When developed, HUB Distributors will deploy this technology which will increase productivity in its warehouse.

Infolog is an established company that is known for providing streamlined, omnichannel software solutions, especially for the distribution, logistics and supply chain industries while HUB Distributors is a full-fledged logistics company.

Being small and independent, InfoLog has been able to adapt various new Industry 4.0 technologies into its overall suite of solutions for its customers. It has trialled vision picking system for other companies, such as Mandai Link Logistics, and already working with various vendors to integrate its applications into AGVs. InfoLog has been a strong advocate of the voice-picking system, a preferred partner of Vocollect, a subsidiary of Honeywell. In the next 18 months, SCA aims to create and host more than 20 collaborative projects that will benefit SMEs.

The Intelligent Warehouse

Infolog is also involved in another high-end project. A collaboration between Cosmiqo, National University of Singapore-Advanced Robotics Centre (NUS ARC), Infolog and iCommerce, the Intelligent Warehouse aims to present a true confluence of human and technologies by showing the full benefits of embracing Industry 4.0.

By embracing smart robots, intelligent devices, virtual systems and sophisticated control towers, this project will lead the way in inspiring industry leaders to adopt and implement the latest technologies that will contribute to greater efficiency and profitability.

Enhancing talent development

The logistics industry is expected to achieve a value-add of S$8.3bn, and introduce 2,000 new PMET jobs over the next five years. SCA and WSG aim to place up to 60 midcareer individuals into the e-commerce supply chain functions within the next two years with the roll out of the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for e-commerce Supply Chain Professionals.

Participants will go through a structured training programme comprising facilitated classroom training, mentorship and structured On-the-Job training (OJT).
SCA will also tap on SCLIP and local e-commerce retailers’ expertise such as Reebonz, to train mid-career individuals who aspire to join the industry. To help supply chain professionals keep abreast of current and future technological trends, WSG also partnered SCA to organise a series of Supply Chain Innovation Workshops, where participants learn on the latest technology updates in Robotics, Automation, Digital Technologies and Business Intelligence. Through these workshops, companies can also develop business process improvement plans to improve productivity and be manpower-lean. More than 40 PMETs have benefitted from these workshops.