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Digital Transformation and Innovation (5-day)

Supply Chain Asia provides a unique,
highly interactive skills & knowledge base training to the industry.

This is part of the Digital Transformation & Business Intelligence Program

Professional Certification by SUTD Academy

Extended Funding through SCA Project Associates Program

Course Overview

In a landscape constantly reshaped by technology, the imperative for businesses across all sectors to undergo digital transformation and embrace innovation has never been more pronounced. This comprehensive course is tailored for professionals across various roles seeking to spearhead digital initiatives within their organizations. It offers deep insights into the mechanisms of digital transformation, the forces driving the fourth industrial revolution, and the strategic implementation of technological innovations. Participants will emerge equipped with the knowledge to devise robust digital strategies, foster innovative business models, and draft actionable blueprints for transformation.

Learning Objectives

Gain a nuanced understanding of digital transformation, its drivers, and its implications for businesses and society.
Explore advanced platform designs and business models in the context of the new digital economy.
Develop skills for conducting gap analyses, formulating strategic responses, and innovating within their business models to achieve digital transformation.

Program Outline

Day 1: Foundations of Digital Innovation
Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Key Trends and Impacts
Navigating the Digital Future: Technologies Shaping Tomorrow
Strategic Technologies: AI, Blockchain, and Beyond
The New Paradigms of Data: Privacy, Security, and Trust
Visioning the Digital Future: Trends and Predictions

Day 2: Strategies for Digital Business
The Evolution from Digitization to Digital Transformation
Revolutionary Business Models: Design and Innovation
Frameworks for Digital Business Modeling
Assessing and Achieving Digital Maturity
Creating an Integrated Digital Ecosystem

Day 3: Designing the Digital Enterprise
Core Frameworks of Industry 4.0
Embracing the Cloud and Placing Data at the Heart
Strategic Innovation and Transformation Pathways
Balancing Process Optimization and Business Model Innovation
Crafting a Digital Innovation Strategy and Blueprint

Day 4: Implementation and Leadership
Executing the Digital Blueprint
The Pillars of Digital Leadership and Transformation Success
Managing Talent in the Digital Age: HR Strategies
Collaborative Project Work: Strategy and Design
Interactive Group Work and Discussion

Day 5: Project Presentation and Evaluation
Team Presentations of Digital Transformation Projects
Constructive Feedback and Evaluation
Course Wrap-Up: Reflecting on the Journey to Digital Leadership

Target Audience

This program is ideal for business leaders, managers, strategists, and professionals across various sectors seeking to enhance their digital and data-driven capabilities. Whether you’re looking to pivot your business model, innovate within your industry, or leverage data for strategic decisions, this program offers the tools and insights necessary to lead in the digital age.

Training Dates

Each intake will close when we fully subscribe. We reserved the right to reject application or change the dates below.

  • 24-26, 29-30 Apr 2024